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Luca Boskovic Bonini, artistically known simply as Boskovic, was born in Vicenza on a cold December day in 1970. He inherited his passion for music from his father, who daily listened to classical music and was mostly attracted to Beethoven, Bach and Vivaldi.

When he is 12, he casually buys a Beatles long
play record and is completely overwhelmed by the British pop energy and, later, by the rock and roll of the origins. With the passing of time the influence of the Beatles music, in particular of Paul McCartney, will strengthen his awareness that music is the ideal and natural setting where he can freely express his sensitivity and artistic talent. He buys himself a new guitar and as a self-taught student manages to master music well enough to be able to express his  emotions.

When he is 16 he seriously starts playing the
rhythmic guitar and singing in some bands, mainly performing classical rhythm and blues, rock and roll and beat songs.

When he comes of age, Luca begins his career as
a songwriter, as well,  and for many years he writes lyrics and songs mainly addressed to his family and friends. It was in 1995 that he founded the Fourback, a tribute band inspired to John Lennon and Paul McCartney, which is genuinely appreciated by the audience for the energy and friendliness it conveys.


He performs on several occasions: at private parties, in theaters, in clubs and during regional and/or national music events. In 2012 he decides the time is ripe to produce and release his first official CD, a collection of some of his most meaningful songs: A Temporary Lapse of Heaven

His music is mainly inspired by the British pop and rock tradition, and he turns to artists such as the Beatles, the Who and the Rolling Stones; as well, his music is inspired by the folk and jazz tradition of Donovan and Drake and by the progressive/psychedelic imprint of authors such as the Pink Floyd, the Caravan, The King Crimson, passing through the hard rock influence of the Deep Purple and the Blue Oyster Cult.

Boskovic has always tried to blend the English rock tradition with the most meaningful examples of pop music.


He is naturally talented more to writing music than putting words to his lyrics; his strong passion and taste for music has led him to write musical compositions where different styles and influences gradually surface, including orchestral sounds which give life to a production where the artist’s deep sensitivity and introspection openly reveal themselves.


The result is a versatile type of music which can naturally and easily adjust to different musical settings, one for all the background film music.


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 ”… is the desire and the need to give shape to personal emotions and translate them into melodies…


Music is far from any objective interpretations, anyone can identify himself in hearing a piece of music which is able to free one’s own emotional identity.


The greatest satisfaction for an artist is to see the gratification in those who are listening…


This is the main objective, the core which sets all the artistic production into motion….”


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