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The first album "A Temporary Lapse of Heaven" 


 can be downloaded on iTunes, CD is available on Amazon

Boskovic, A temporary lapse of Heaven, Just in town,  british rock, pop music, singer, Beatles, rock, psychedelia

Boskovic first record ‘A temporary lapse of Heaven’ features 11 of the several songs written and produced in 20 years of musical activity.  It's a self-produced ambitious project in which Boskovic sang and played his tracks, treated the arrangements and drew all the album graphics. Notable is the “important” album cover, a synthesis of psychedelia, symbolism and pop-art.

The lyrics are often hermetic so to lead to a personal and natural interpretation.
There are recurring themes: the reference to natural elements and nature as “great mother”, world breeder. The body-spirit dualism, two sides of the same coin, that coexist in the earthly life and the existential reading of reincarnation as a response to the world's sense.


“Time to live, time to love, time to grow…”

The compact disc                              is available on 

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"Just in town" 

the single of the

Boskovic's first album

" A Temporary Lapse of Heaven"

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