Victus Amor¿ (2019)


01) Sorrow

02) The Artist With no Pen

03) I Need You

04) She Came in Through the Bathroom Window

05) My Little Woman

06) Dance With the Wind

07) Chasing in Time

08) Remember

09) SILeA

10) Victus Amor¿

11) Another Sun

12) Never Again

13) I Got the Power



Short album description


Boskovic’s new album is a Rock opera that gravitates around love in its turning conquests down and cyclic loss of space and time.

The author has always been inspired by 60’s and 70’s classic English productions, but is able to offer his own original, talented and lively originality too, due to the way he feels and produces music.

The dense album contains 10 songs and 3 instrumental pieces, all composed by Boskovic, who’s also the author of the lyrics for “SILeA”, while the remaining songs were written by multi-instrumentalist Marco Pivato, a collaborator who works with Boskovic since 2015.


Music is high leveled and is massively influenced by opera and evocative Pink Floyd’s atmospheres, for example in instrumental tracks “Sorrow” and “Victus Amor¿”, melodic Progressive glimpses, as heard in “Dance With the Wind”, “The Artist With No Pen”, Green Day driven Pop/Punk (“I Need You”, “Remember”) but it also leaves a special space for some outsiders, like the Goth Hard Rock “SILeA”, the jazzy “My Little Woman” or the funky “She Came in Through the Bathroom Window”.

The album closes with a very beautiful, powerful yet delicate and well-written ballad, called “I Got the Power”.


The whole record has been played by great musicians, whose technique’s very excellent all the way through.


You can’t miss it.

Eyes See You (EP) (2017)


01) Eyes See You

02) Some Other Guy

03) Good Vibrations [Special Dance Version]


Loss Heaven live! (2016)


01) Loss Heaven

02) Just in Town

03) Joan Crawford

04) Look and Fly

05) Sun (Born and Die)

06) Done

07) Looking For Some Songs

08) Northern Sky

09) Everyday

10) What You’re Doing to Me?

11) Medicine Jar

12) Time to Grow

13) Because the Night

14) The Flame Still Burns

15) Good Vibrations

16) Rockestra Theme

17) You Can Do It


A Temporary Lapse of Heaven (2013)


01) Loss Heaven

02) Just in Town

03) Everyday

04) Sun (Born and Die)

05) Look and Fly

06) Looking for Some Songs

07) Deep Moon

08) What You’re Doing to Me?

09) Done

10) Time to Grow

11) Good Vibrations

12) You Can Do It





Short album description


Boskovic first record ‘A Temporary Lapse of Heaven’ features 11 of the several songs written and produced in 20 years of musical activity.  It's a self-produced ambitious project in which Boskovic sang and played his tracks, treated the arrangements and drew all the album graphics. Notable is the “important” album cover, a synthesis of psychedelia, symbolism and pop-art.


The lyrics are often hermetic so to lead to a personal and natural interpretation.

There are recurring themes: the reference to natural elements and nature as “great mother”, world breeder. The body-spirit dualism, two sides of the same coin, that coexist in the earthly life and the existential reading of reincarnation as a response to the world's sense.

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